05 November 2010

Focused on your job ! (Part 1)

The words focused on your job means you have to be concentrated with your goal of your career. when you decided your goal, never give up for it.

Based on the research by scientist, there are only about 11% of people in this world who are naturally able to be focused. The rest tend to be easily influenced and often are not persistent in its original purpose.

Maybe there are people who have a strong determination, but was less diligent. There is also a diligent but unfortunately easily influenced. There are even people who are very flamboyant, which is easy to switch attention, and quickly turned their attention to new things.

A divided attention to thwart your goals of employment. Without consciously delayed the achievement of targets, experiencing stagnation, or even could deviate from its original destination. Not a favorable situation for an employee like you.

What are the barriers to stay focused on your jobs ?

1. Easily influenced.
Humans have a pair of eyes, but only one focus. That's the miracle of creation. Imagine if each eye has its own focus or biased views. Like the facets of insect eyes that have a lot of reflection. You will be walking to and fro and hit a wall because of the influence of earlier views. It would be difficult to complete something to its conclusion if you lose focus. Only about 20% of the things within the person that affect focus, the rest is external influence.

2. Loss of motivation.
There is a true story about a man who lost motivation. He was very clever to get a master's scholarship abroad even nominated as a doctoral candidate. But after a study was rejected by the lecturer, he became frustrated, lose motivation and fail to stay focused with his ideals. Experienced prolonged stress lead to mental disorders. Truly tragic, eventually he was found dead due to diarrhea after days locked herself in her room.

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