12 Mei 2010

Have you ever missed a thing

Have you ever missed a thing – a smile or a kiss? Wishing that you do not want to close your eyes and fall asleep because you miss that someone so much? The sweetest dream will never do? How far will you go to reclaim the love you lost?

Is there any way to turn back the clock? Wishing you could re-live that moment and do what is right? Does it matter anymore? Will a customized flower from a florist help redeem some of the lost love?

Flowers have long been associated with love and mankind. In Victorian times, they were used to represent different secret emotions and through time, we have learned and appreciated the value of this gift and hence, expounded on it and made it a part of our lives.

Will time heal the pain? How do you live on knowing that you missed the chance of a lifetime? Singing a million love songs to make up for it or sending flowers from a florists fulfill your earlier intended destiny which you lost grasp of?

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