30 September 2010

Job Searching at Work

By: Alison

What you do when you're job searching, especially when you're doing it at work, can be problematic when it comes to keeping the job you have already.

In addition to the folks who tweet that they hate their job, there are those who spend all day on Facebook, even though they are friends with their boss and he or she can see every update. That's not such a great idea when you are supposed to be working.

Then there are the mistakes that make you cringe. I heard from someone who was in a panic after he emailed his resume to his boss by mistake. The AutoFill tool that automatically enters email addresses in Outlook and other email programs can be dangerous and using your work email address for job searching isn't a good idea.

One solution is to set up a separate email account for job seeking. That way you won't send your resume to the wrong person by mistake and you'll have all your job search correspondence in one place. If you use Gmail or Yahoo mail or another web-based email account, you'll be able to check it from anywhere.

If you have already made the mistake of clicking the Send button, it's time for damage control. You'll need to act quickly. Here's how to handle it when your boss catches you job searching. In the future, you'll need to job search a little more carefully - some stealth job hunting may be in order.

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