12 Juli 2010

The celebration of the Sugar Feast

The celebration of the Sugar Feast
The first morning of the Sugar Feast men visiting the mosque for joint prayer for this special holiday. Women and children are exempt from this obligation would normally be home, because of the large crowds in the mosque, others such as Indonesia are typically does anyone go to the mosque. Before the prayer is expected that those who can afford it pay a contribution to the value of a meal (about 5-7 euros). This can be passed around the mosque, so that this requirement may be fulfilled. Then the proper utilization of funds provided.

The rest of the day, if possible in one family visit. To celebrate the Sugar Feast to sweet dishes and delicacies like Lokum eaten and gives one another and the poor presents. Many women decorate their hands with henna. Both men and women usually attract new clothes and the house is thoroughly cleaned before further this holiday.

As for symbolism, the Sugar Feast somewhat similar to carnival, but that feast before Lent occurs.
Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suikerfeest

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