08 Juli 2010

The Bloom Pear Perennial Plant

Bloom pearl grass (Melica uniflora) is a perennial plant that belongs to the grass family (Poaceae). In the Netherlands, pearl grass bloom mostly in South Limburg.

The plant is 30-60 cm high and is relatively short rhizomes. The young leaves are rolled. The light green leaves are rough, flat and limp overhanging. The tubular, 0.5 mm long tongue at the start of the leaf sheath January 1 to 4 mm long, pointed Appendix (antiligula). The nodes of the upright, smooth stems are black and violet.

Bloom pearl grass blooms in May and June with slightly overhanging plumes. The 5 mm long, silvery-desk consists of a hybrid flower hence the name Dutch. Above the flower is still about 4.5 mm long, club-shaped flower early half. The kelkkafjes are pointed slightly upward. The lower kelkkafje is 4 mm long and the upper 4.5 mm. The lower husk is almost 5 mm long, with seven veins and placed a short membranous, hairy edge. The top husk is 4 mm long. On the ant-desk sits a sandwich, which is spread by ants.

The fruit is a fruit crop.

The plant is found on moist, moderately nutrient-rich to nutrient-rich soil in deciduous woods and dunes.

In other languages:

• German: Einblütiges Perlgras

• English: Melick Wood

• French: Melique Unifloor, Melique à une fleur

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eenbloemig_parelgras

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