02 Juli 2010

Plantain lily Features

Plantain lily
Plantain lily (ornamental tops) and Liliaceae (APG in the plant classification system into Agavaceae) herb, plantain lily genus (Hosta) is a general term. Native to the mountains and wetlands, which are grown for flowers grow well in shade and beauty. The language of flowers "calm," "calm," "quiet man."

There are about 40 species native to East Asia, can help interspecific hybrids (especially the many cultivars) are classified into several theories. Is fixed as a mutation in a number of garden variety of the Edo era in Japan, many varieties were bred in Europe, we are introduced to Europe by Siebold it further. The leaves range from the base out. Raceme blue summer (some varieties of white) flowers wearing thin, and will be pollinated by bees foraging in bumblebees and large. 3 crack fruit fruit but Yangshuo, in some cultivars is blind. Oobagiboushi Japan (H. montana or H. sieboldiana var. Gigantea) and the wild about 20 species, including wild plants are used as the name of Urui. Tricky because there are many accidents and errors like eating poisonous herb Veratrum album of fresh green leaves, though. Sujigiboushi (H. undulata) and hybrids are cultivated and others.

The name of plantain lily buds, similar to that because of the young inflorescence covered with ornamental tops or bract. Lily Plantain English name is "plantain lily" is similar to that in the sense of plantain leaves.

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