28 Juni 2010

The Chinese Bridal Plant

The Chinese bridal veil (Fallopia baldschuanica, Synonym: Polygonum aubertii) is a species of knotweed family (Polygonaceae). It is a fast growing, up to 15 m high twiner from western China. In Western Europe the plant much as planted vegetation pergolas, walls and partitions. From here the plant naturalizes well.

The greenish white, leaf axillary panicles bloom from June to September. In September or October, the flowers almost imperceptibly in white fruit.

The garden is an exuberant plant grower, requiring space. The plant is not picky in terms of soil or light, but it has a lot of water. On the other hand it is true that the land needs good drainage, she does not like wet feet. After the winter the plant in March to 40 cm are pruned,

The plant can be increased by half of young shoots in June to take summer cuttings. Keep in mind that the plants planted by the wind and not against the wind grows.

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_bruidssluier

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