25 Juni 2010

The Rough Sedge

The rough Sedge (Carex hirta) is a perennial plant, which belongs to the cypergrassenfamilie (Cyperaceae).

The plant is 30-50 cm high, has a blunt triangular stem and produces long rhizomes. The leaves are 4-6 mm wide and has a densely hairy leaf sheath acute angle. The blade is at the base, with the transition to the leaf sheath, long hair.

The rough sedge blooms in May and June, but sometimes also blooms later in the year. The ovaries have three stamps. There are one to three male counterparts. The urntjes are 6-7 mm long and densely hairy. The urntjes are narrowed into a long beaks. It is a kind urntje bract containing the fruit is. The stem of the ear is surrounded by a small spout-like, membranous bract, called cladoprofyllum. The nut in the urntje is triangular.

The plant is native to wet, rich soil.

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruige_zegge

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