22 Juni 2010

Oenothera Ecology

Most species are pollinated by nocturnal insects and therefore smell only at night. The nectar in the flowers inferior tubes is available to only langrüsselige insects. Particularly often found in the flowers representative of the moth (a butterfly). Thus, for the flowers such as the Hummingbird and the Middle observe wine enthusiast as they are hovering in front of the flowers. A Schwärmerart bears because of their fondness for the nectar of this plant species, even the name evening primrose enthusiast.

The individual flowers are very short-lived. They open only at dusk and are mostly up to the next noon again faded. The exact time to open the the flower is dependent on the sun, from the days of the temperature and humidity.

The opening of the flowers is often a matter of minutes in a flowing movement. The speed with which made the flowering is observed in any other in Central occurring plant.

A blooming flowers is usually still smell. It was only after their complete opening their fragrance is intensely sweet, so that he sometimes felt by people as intrusive and almost offensive.

The night candles produce hundreds of seeds. The seeds chambers open when the plant is dead. Even the vibrations caused by slight wind is enough to distribute the seeds.

The two-year evening primrose species bloom until the second year. In the first year is a flat sheet lying on the floor plate. In the second year, the plant develops up and developing the flower stem, can reach up to 2 meters height.

Evening primrose are often developed and often dominate in ruderal companies that are on dry and sunny (hot) sites. There are displaced without further disturbance of the soil that built up bienne plant species within a few years of perennials, the occurrence is often sporadic.
Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nachtkerzen

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