21 Juni 2010

Crocus angustifolius

Gold brocade Krokus
The gold brocade called crocus (Crocus angustifolius), also crocus or Narrow Leaf gold lacquer-crocus, a species of the genus Crocus (Crocus) is.

The gold brocade crocus is a perennial tuber geophytes, height of 5-12 centimeters reached. The tuber skin is netzfaserig. The 3-6 leaves are 0.5 to 1.5 millimeters wide and gray-green. The Perigonzipfel are yellow, its exterior is bronze clearly striped, speckled or overflow. They measure 17-34 × 6-13 mm, and are drawn back to the heyday.

The flowering period is in March, she seldom begins in February.

The gold brocade crocus comes in the Crimea, in southern Ukraine and possibly also in the Caucasus. The species grows on open slopes, in Juniperus scrub and loose tree corridors in high-altitude 300-1500 (rarely above 100) meters.

The gold brocade crocus is dispersed as an ornamental plant used for rock gardens and borders. You type in 1580 for about culture.
Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crocus_angustifolius

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