18 Juni 2010

Secrets You Need To Keep From Friends at Office

Socialize it shall be done in your work. Maintain a good relationship with colleagues not only makes your job so much more smoothly, but also make you more comfortable in doing your job. Friendly environment is one factor that can make an employee eager to complete their responsibilities.

Good relationships with colleagues sometimes can be developed into every a good friend. You spend time with him after work hours, 'chat' about personal matters or on the job. Yet, as intimate as you intimately with colleagues, there are limitations on what can you 'talked about' with them. Among them are as follows:

Your efforts to find a new job. Maybe you're excited when you found a suitable job opportunity or be called for tests and interviews. You want to immediately share stories with people closest to you, including a friend who is an office colleague. However, no matter how much desire, you better hold 'lust' storytelling. It is not impossible this news will be circulated among the management and they start to doubt your loyalty to the company, though you are determined to continue to fulfill your responsibility to find a new job. If you find that you will decide to stay in the company right now, this issue will affect the possibility of promotion that you will receive.

Salaries and allowances amount you receive. Salary is a sensitive issue that should not be discussed with other employees. Even some companies cautioned to any matters relating to the amount of salary, allowances or bonuses are not discussed with other employees. The goal is not arise the atmosphere of unpleasant and unconducive to work because another co-worker's salary envy. HRD has its own assessment to determine the amount of salary. This is sometimes not known to all employees so they feel better able to assess the salary received by them and other employees.

Problems about other coworkers or about your boss. Not all day is sunny day at work. Sometimes you have to get unpleasant treatment from your employer, who brought forward the deadline suddenly or work to be revised on a total of over a member of your team whose job it is incompetent. I think you want to 'explode' moment and express your resentment and anger against a boss or colleague to a friend's office. But be careful with these measures. Discuss colleague or boss behind them will affect less well for you. like you're creating a self image as professionals and employees who do not respect your boss, like finding trouble or trouble maker. It is not impossible they also assume you are inciting to hate the boss or other colleagues. In addition, publicly or openly express dislike you will create an uncomfortable work environment for other employees.

Personal Life. Sometimes complaining can make you feel lighter in the face of problems. But get used to not explore your personal problems to a friend's office. There is no point in telling your love story failure, the amount of your current boyfriend, an argument with husband or boyfriend. Instead you will be judged as someone who can not handle your own problems. Moreover, even if you feel you are close to a friend's office, he may not feel comfortable listening to all your stories and laments.

Chat that is racial. It is no longer its time talking about things related and offensive racial. Particularly in the office. Do not let your campaign is blocked in the future because you never reveal your preferences about racial intolerance of other employees in the office.
Have you ever falsified a letter you sick. Sometimes due to reasons saturated, or bored there are times when you are not eager to work and choose to lie to say that you are sick to the boss. Saturation is the thing that's understandable, but lying and skipping work is not something to be proud of, much less to say to a friend's office.

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