27 Juni 2010

The Water Rushes Plant

The ordinary water rushes (Eleocharis palustris) is a perennial plant, which belongs to the cypergrassenfamilie (Cyperaceae). The plant is also used in the ornamental garden. The ordinary water rushes like the sleek water rushes (Eleocharis uniglumis). In the normal water rushes includes the lower kafje no more than half of the stem, while in the water rushes lean completely or almost completely.

The plant is 10-60 cm high and is creeping rhizomes. The round, hollow stems are 1-6 mm thick. The leaf sheaths are yellow-brown and the upper leaf sheath is cut horizontally.

The ordinary water rushes blooms from May to August with brown to reddish brown ears. The bottom two kafjes of the ear are infertile. The ovary has two stamps.

The fruit is a lens-shaped, with small nut 1-2 mm long brushes.

The plant is found in swamps, wet dune valleys and waterfronts.

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gewone_waterbies

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