07 Oktober 2010

Resolving Workplace Conflict: 4 Ways to a Win-Win Solution (Part 1)

By: adam howard

The effects of conflict in the workplace are widespread and costly. Its prevalence, as indicated by 3 serious studies, shows that twenty four-sixty% of management time and energy is spent coping with anger. This results in decreased productivity, increased stress among staff, hampered performance, high turnover rate, absenteeism and at its worst, violence and death.

Conflict in the workplace is the result of a selection of factors. Perhaps the most significant cause is when someone feels taken advantage of. This may happen when a perfectionist boss demands the same dedication and commitment from staff as he or she exhibits, however will not compensate them for the late or weekend hours.

Other scenarios embrace the worker having unrealistic expectations of what their job position extremely is, or of being misunderstood in the workplace. Conflict conjointly arises as a result of of values and goal variations in the company. The corporate may not have goals or not adequately specific the goals and values to their employees. Conversely, the employee may have personal goals and values at odds with those of the company.

There are four specific steps managers can take to cut back workplace conflict. The first is for managers to seem at communication skills, both in terms of how they convey and the way theyre teaching their staff to communicate with each other. This, after all, includes using I statements instead of you language. Owning your own feelings and your own communication may be a much additional effective approach to communicate and even additional, teaching your staff to speak that method with others, goes a long method toward reducing conflict.

The second part of communication is for managers to beef up listening skills. Active listening involves things like truly trying to perceive what the other person is saying, and then communicating to the other person that you are doing indeed perceive what theyre saying.

The second method to decrease workplace conflict is to establish healthy boundaries. Without boundaries, there will be conflict and squabbles, power struggles and all types of circumstances that make for messy situations.

You'll be skilled and be empathetic and compassionate toward your staff, while not crossing the line of changing into their friend. This is often especially important when theres a power distinction between 2 individuals in an employment situation.

The third factor to reducing conflict may be a skill referred to as emotional intelligence. There are many aspects and sides however it primarily means that developing skills to be more effective by teaching people to mix both intelligence and emotions in the workplace.

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