04 Oktober 2010

Boss, Build Your Team Now Now

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Very often we hear jargon or quote that gives inspiration to build teamwork or team work.
The team is solid and productive, of course, dream of all leaders. Members of this team understands that every task and responsibility that they entailed is to improve and maintain productivity and performance of team work to achieve the target set by the company.

Building a team's performance has its own challenges and not the job can be done easily, then hope the results can be obtained with the instant. Building a team means to develop character and upgrade the skills of each team member is a gradual and continuous. Meanwhile, often building blocks to do this is coming from the company itself. For example, the system rewards given for achievement or achievements of individual employees, instead of the result of team work, companies also often provide an appraisal of the work or the progress of employees in private as compared with the achievements obtained by the group. These things also have to 'consider' before you prepare and plan a strategy to more actively build your team.

There are several ways you can help and inspire you to build a solid team, productive and could continue to grow.

1. Equalized perceptions, goals, targets and work ethic, and socialized to every member of the team. At the beginning of the formation of a team or when you start to get into a team as a leader, to convey to all members of the targets, objectives and work ethic that you want to apply in the team. Then give your team members an opportunity to give their opinions about things you have to say. Deliver them to discuss and express objections, approval or even their ideas. In the end, every employee will feel that they have a stake in any decision made by the team. Thus will arise a feeling obliged to account for every decision made itself.

2. Make sure each team member knows their responsibilities and job desk .Of course you as a leader not only in charge of managing the task you are a member, also have to understand each activity and the difficulties they face. Because each type of work in a team associated with each other, then the procedure that you specify must also make their jobs more efficiently.

3. Does each member of your team understand what impact any results of their work for the productivity of the team? Every member you should know that whatever contribution they will give results for the company if executed in accordance with its mission, goals, principles and vision of the company. That each of them is an important part that must exist to support the survival and development company. Feelings of being Important is one effective way to build morale.

4. Remind about the initial commitment. When the spirit of teamwork and performance began to decrease, you must boost their morale back with the reminder that they have a part in decisions on targets, goals and ethos of teamwork culture, so that each team member is committed to continue the things that they already decide for yourself.

5. Whether your team members feel appreciated? Did you know that by updating their skills through training or seminars funded by the office, is one effective way of showing that you appreciate the employee? The advantage would be obtained either by companies or the employees themselves; their skills is to increase office productivity, and they have the spirit because it was given the opportunity to grow.

6. Challenges, excitement and opportunity. Routines can sometimes be monotonous. The work that had challenged the skill and creativity can be so boring after a long time so that it can weaken morale. Make sure you provide opportunities for members of your team to re-experience the challenges, the spark in the works. There are many ways you can do; job rotation, freeing them to use new work systems are considered more effective, or giving new responsibilities.

TEAM is Together Everyone Achieve More!

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